2016 Year End Recap - Football

Updated Tuesday March 7, 2017 by Dennis Sanchez.

Hello BJVB Football Friends & Family,

We had a great year in 2016.  We faced and overcame many obstacles as an Organization and as a Community, and I am proud to be part of this wonderful organization…

Let’s start with the Jr. Pee Wee’s (8-Under)

We went 7 Wins and 2 Loss last year by far our most Dominate Team, and depending on where you were standing during the payoff game, we should have made it to the big game.  We are very proud of this Team. They were our Defending Champion from 2015 and they played every game until the last second…once again proving that on any given day they were the team to beat.


Next moving to the Pee Wee’s (10-Under)

This Team played every game tough, while keeping their eye on the prize.  They went 6 Wins and 3 Loss, and they BVJB’s only Team that fought their way into the Big Championship Game.  They were a little batter and brused for the Big Game, but they played hard and if we had a little more time on the clock, the outcome would have changed. Unfortunately, time ran out.  Coming up 2nd place out of a very tough 10 Team Division is a great accomplishment.  We will get them next year.


Moving to the Jr. Midget’s (12-Under)

This was our Never Give Up Team.  We can talk about wins and losses (1 and 8) with any team, but there is always more to the story.  This Team started the season against the Defending Champions and lost a heart breaker 7-6.  We can wrap forward to the very last game…still no “W” in the win column.  Once again, these boys suited up, played their hearts out, and finally got rewarded their efforts all year.  We got the “W”.  How sweet that victory must have tasted.


The Big Boys, Midget’s (U14)

This Team faced more diversity than any other Team.  They have many injuries, and every player played each game like it was their last.  Although their record was only 4 Wins and 5 Losses I can assure you many Saturdays when they suited up their Opponites where glad when the game time ran out.  This team taught me the significance in small words.  They did not play like a Team.  They played like a family.  I could not be more proud of this team.


Overall, we had another great season, and I look forward to what the 2017 brings…I will see you all on the Field.


VP Football

Dennis Sanchez