2017 Year End Football Recap

Updated Thursday February 22, 2018 by Dennis Sanchez.


Hello BVJB Football Friends & Family,

We had a great year in 2017.  As an Organization, we faced, overcame and thrived in our Golden Empire SYF League.  I am proud to be part of this wonderful organization…

Let’s start with the Jr. Pee Wees (8-Under)

We went 6 Wins and 2 Losses.  The ratio of our athletes that played the whole game was off the charts.  These athletes had the most playtime per player out of all our teams.  We are very proud to dominate our regular season once again and make a playoff run.  Although, we fell short in the first round, this team will come out with a fury in 2018 and we will get to the podium again and reclaim the SYF Title. 

Next moving to the Pee Wees (10-Under)

This team was our juggernaut team.  We had the raw power, finesse, and depth of players that every coach dreams of.  We went 7 wins and 0 losses into the Big Game, SYF Championship Game.  This was slated to be the game of games, for all of our teams.  Although, the momentum, wins, and drive were on our side; a win on that day was not ours to take.  We fought hard, but on any given Saturday, tides can change.  Pee Wees are going to come back with a vengeance.  I would not want to be playing against them in the 2018 Championship, enough said.   


Moving to the Jr. Midgets (12-Under)

This was our never give up team that metamorphoses into a contender.  Moving from a 1-win season to making to the BIG Game, SYF Championship Game, is nothing short of phenomenal.  I would like to think that Football starts with Heart, develops with practices, and refines with skills.  If this is the case, this team started with the biggest Heart and BELIEVED in themselves.  We came up short in the BIG GAME, but if you did not know this team you would not have known that making it to this game was a HUGE VICTORY in itself.


The Big Boys, Midgets (U14)

Half this team had the never give up Heart from the Jr. Midgets 1-win season.  The other half were new or returning players for the Midgets.  I believe this team was the WILD CARD team.  They won and lost dramatically.  Towards the end of the season, they stopped playing as individual athletes, and started playing as a family.  We have multiple personal changes and we happily ended the regular season win a win and a playoff berth, 4 and 3 for the regular season.  With the diversity this team faced last year, injuries and position changes, many of these athletes will be versatile players moving forward.  I look forward to seeing them paying in High School.


Being part of this unprecedented 2017 Bella Vista Jr. Broncos Complete Division Playoff Berth has been one of the most rewarding community achievements I have ever been a part of.  “It takes a Village” to keep the wheels turning and many have given far more time, money, and tears to this organization than I.  Don’t forget to thank them…this is FREE but pays HUGE dividends down the road!




Dennis Sanchez

VP Football