2017 Year End Cheer Recap

Updated Friday February 23, 2018 by Christy Sanchez.

2017 CHEER Recap


Our 2017/18 Cheer season was one to remember!  We cheered our football players right into the playoffs!  All four of our teams went to the playoff this year, a first in BVJB history, with two of those teams advancing to the championship!  Our boys gave us plenty to cheer about this season!  We had a blast on the sidelines showing off our stunting and tumbling skills that everyone worked so hard on during pre-season!

We had some great events this year including an awesome season kick off Pep Rally.  We had a great time at our Homecoming Game with all cheer and football teams participating in some fun pre-game shenanigans during the week leading up to the big game.  We celebrated our 8th graders who completed their last year with us as Jr. Broncos and who we hope to see out on the field under the lights at those Friday night games this coming season! There were plenty of fun team bonding events where we made memories with our cheer sisters and brothers!  We had a record high of five male cheerleaders on our squads which we were very excited about!  

The vast majority of our athletes moved on to comp season with us, where the Jr. Broncos lived up to their reputation of having some of the loudest and most spirited families at every comp!  We participated in our League Showcase and Competition as well as four JAMZ Competitions before heading to Nationals in Las Vegas where we rocked that blue mat!  Our Jr. Pee Wees taking home 1st Place, bringing home the first blue jackets for a Jr Pee Wee squad in the history of our program!  Our Pee Wees pulled out a 5th place trophy in a very tough division!  Our Jr. Midgets took home a 1st Place National for the 4th consecutive year!  Our midget squad despite many challenges this season snagged a 4th place trophy!  I was so proud of each and every squad.  They went out there for their final performance of the year, each squad finishing with their strongest performance of the season!  Myself and their coaches could not have asked for anything more!  

We had a great coaching staff and team parent staff that worked tirelessly to make this season the best yet!  One of the things I love most about being a part of this organization is being a part of this amazing Jr. Broncos family.  Seeing parents and coaches jump in and help out, pick up slack where needed, and go the extra mile to ensure the most memorable experience for these kids.  It was an exciting thing to see them grow and develop as leaders and athletes.  To see them hone skills and obtain goals.  To come together and become a team.  I saw them fight for their team and fight for themselves both in their sport and in their scholastics.  In addition to our other special recognition awards we were very proud to debut a Athlete Scholar award this year at our Annual Awards Ceremony.  It was exciting to see our kids working so hard toward that goal and I hope to be hanging a lot of those medals around the necks of our athletes at our awards ceremony this coming season.  We stayed true to our emphasis on school as well as citizenship, that we aren’t only developing athletes, but student athletes!  

Lastly, a huge shout out to all you parents and families!  Being a cheer parent is a huge commitment in itself.  From the treks to and from practice, the Saturdays at the football fields in the heat, handwashing cheer uniforms, the driving or flying to destination comps, and those long comp days!  Not to mention shelling out a small fortune to finance the season.  We thank you parents for supporting your athletes in the sport they love.

Thank you all for bearing with me this year, I had some big shoes to fill.  The small hiccups seem insignificant now in the grand scheme of a phenomenal year!  It was an amazing first season for me as the VP of Cheer and I know that this coming season is going to be even better and even fiercer!  #BVJBproud!


Christy Sanchez

VP of Cheer